Frequently Asked Questions

As a Personal Shopper, I will accompany you to clothing shops, go through clothes with you and make suggestions. Generally, I will also check for different sizes or more items while you fit.

A Personal Shopping session usually takes between one to four hours; according to your needs.

I’m very flexible to shop in different clothing shops; however, it depends on your budget and taste. As a rule, I prefer larger malls where there is more variety, for example, Menlyn Mall, Mall of Africa or Sandton City. If you have a preference for a specific clothing shop, we will go there first.

Yes! We go through each item to see if it’s the right style and colour. We then make four heaps: keepers, donations, alterations and sentimentals.  Usually, it saves time if you can remove items beforehand that you know you’ll never wear again.

A Wardrobe Detox usually takes between one to three hours.  It depends on the number of clothes that you own. For the most part, it will often not take longer than three hours.

A Complete Makeover takes a full day, so we usually start between 08:00 and 09:00 in the morning. We begin with a Style & Colour Analysis that takes between two to three hours. A Wardrobe Detox follows the Style & Colour Analysis and takes around two hours. After the Wardrobe Detox we do about three hours of Personal Shopping.

An Image Consultant focuses on personal style, dressing, buying of clothes, body language and etiquette.  Hence, I would take you through a process of evaluating your lifestyle and help you change your attire to improve your image.


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